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Item No.: VJS172
2*US 120V outlets, 1*UK 240V outlet or 1*EU 240V
Technical Specification:
Battery packs: High discharging rate 18650 lithium
battery packs
Capactity: 100000mAh/3.6V(346WH)
Power indicator: LED screen
ON/OFF indicator: LED screen with letters,LED screen with triangle
Input Amp: Standard charge:3.5A
Rapid charge:10A
Charging volt: 12-20V
Charging time: Standard charge:7-8 hours
Rapid charge:2.5-3 hours
Input: Accessories:15V/4A
DC(Φ5.5*2.5mm) Input X1 15V/4A
Solar charge
(Φ5.5*2.1mm) input
X1 18V 150W
USB A type
Cigarette light output
AC outlet
12V Jump Starter
4X USB1 USB2 USB3 USB4 5V/2.4A
1X 12-16V 10A Standard 120W
2X 120V/60Hz Standard 1000W
1X 230V/50Hz Standard 1000W

1. Portable power supply, integrate with MPPT solar charge, DC, ACoutput, jump start, LED and inverter function
2. 2*US 120V outlets, 1*UK 240V outlet or 1*EU 240V outlet for option. Pure sine wave output.
3. Peak watt: 2000W. Standard watt: 1000W
4. LED screen, clear power and operation read. Easy for operation
5. High light LED torch
6. 1 cigarette light output
7. 4USB output,Automatical power off after 30 seconds if it doesn’t detect a load on the USB’s
8. High efficiency MPPT Solar charge management
9. DC 12~20V input charge,standard charge and rapid charge modes
10.Support for charging the device by external battery pack
11.Within Over load protection, Over volt protection, over current protection, over temperature protection,     short circuit protection
12.Over charging protection, Short volt protection, Over current protection, Short circuit protection for   battery packs